Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bring on the Corgi!

Welcome to "Operation Corgi." Scot and I decided it is a good time to seek The Third Dog. Greta is getting up in years, but happy and healthy so as to enjoy a new companion. Jackson is, of course, always up for a play pal.
For years we have wanted a Corgi. We hope this initiative will result in one. We could just go to a breeder and slap down (a lot) of cash, but we know this world is full of dogs that need a wonderful home.
Yes, in my dream, a little red or tricolor fluffy Pembroke puppy would appear on my doorstep. And maybe s/he will.
But an older regular coat Cardigan in need of a home would fit the bill.
And you know, we love the unique Corgi mix, too.
In the end it's all about the personality. We are a family with over 20 years’ experience in providing a good home for canine companions. We value each dog for their individual personality, moreso than breed or pedigree.
So, I'm putting this out in the universe, AND asking for your help. If you know of a Corgi who needs a home, please let us know! We are located in Salem, OR, but willing to travel and network as necessary.
Keep calm and Corgi on!

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