Monday, April 21, 2014

Where has reason gone?

Ars Technica points out why one little diddle in a 38 million gallon reservoir doesn't mean, uh, shit. Upon first hearing of the plan to drain the reservoir, my first thought was, "Wait... isn't that an open reservoir?"

And yes, it is.

This means the large pool that holds 38 million gallons of water is open wide to the sky 365 days a year. It receives all one might imagine could fall on any random patch of earth including (but likely not limited to) bugs, worms, bird droppings, dead decomposing animals, dirt, leaves, God only knows what else. (Please note, staff of the facility confirm that yes, dead animals and other things which blow into the reservoir are fished out all the time.) Those are all much more concerning to me based on both content and amount. But our system (which includes filtration, chlorination, etc.) handles all that and more by the time it's delivered to your home.

Without closures, or drainages.

Which cost a hell of a lot of money.

Let's be reasonable, and make decisions based upon logical information, and not knee jerk reactions. Yes, people are going to have emotional reactions. Ewww, pee! Which makes this a great teachable moment. Launch an educational initiative about the water system, how it works... perhaps they might come to appreciate it more.

People's ignorance and emotional hysteria do not warrant the waste of public funds.

* blink blink*

Oh, wait, where am I?


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