Monday, October 29, 2012

You heard me right: bacon maple pizza.

The other day my dear husband hands a newspaper clipping over my shoulder. "Found this recipe today; we should try it!"

Bacon, maple sugar and butter pizza.

Read that again, I know your vision probably went a little blurry there before you got to the end, you got so excited.

We like bacon. Ditto for mozarella, butter and maple. Maple SUGAR, nonetheless. And, we just so happened to have maple sugar from our very own family members back east at Welche's Maple in the cupboard. How could we NOT make it? It would seem to be an attempt to reject our heritage to NOT make it, right?

So says the unstoppable rationalization skills of Fat Girl and Diabetic Boy. (Seriously, we are an AWESOME super hero duo.)

We enlisted two other guest tasters and embarked upon an evening of pizza making and Cards Against Humanity. (A card game so funny I burst an organ laughing at one point, and it might have been one of those organs I needed and didn't have a backup for. Dangit.)

Using a wheat pizza crust from Trader Joe's, we followed the directions and layers shredded moz, chunks of thick cut maple back, then little pearls of fresh mozarella. The maple sugar was mixed into into the sweet cream butter from Great Harvest (the best butter out there). The final step was topping the pie dollops of maple-sugar-butter which would melt in for the "sauce." We were all a bit wary as it went into the oven.

The soft sounds of angels singing could be heard as I pulled it out of the oven 12 minutes later.


This would be the perfect breakfast pizza. It tastes like french toast and bacon. We all agreed it was good; but it's a decadent treat that you might want to reserve for, on, say the day you run a marathon. It's one of those things that really, no reasonable adult should ever make. 

But it was sooooooo goooooooood. 

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  1. that sounds so insane! wowwww! i'm running a race this coming weekend... hmmm ;) ps I am totally checking out that card game! we are game nerds... always fun to hear of a new (to us) good one!