Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dog Shaming goes horribly wrong.

I've said that Jackson is actually a very good boy who doesn't destroy many things that aren't his. That's true, compared to the sheer volume of things that are his that he's destroyed. And, it's true that he hasn't ever eaten a table, a chair, or a couch. But... the list is long, regardless. Just this past week my garden shoes were nibbled to pieces, and my bluetooth headset which fell onto the floor beside the bed didn't have a chance.

As gives me endless giggles each day, I thought it was time for a submission. So I printed out a sign, and about 15 minutes after Scot has returned from work, I called Jackson into my office for a little photo shoot.

He comes barreling in, jumps on the futon with a toy. Giving the "release" command, he drops the toy and I take it from him. As I turn back around to him, he has a strange look on his face and all of a sudden YARK -- he projectile vomits, without any sign or warning, and it splashes onto my thigh. If it could have been videoed... you'd be laughing yourself to pieces because here's this cute little dog face, his mouth just opens and out comes this solid stream of...

OMG what was it? It was green, water and... very, very smelly. Let's just say that he has apparently been foraging around in the back yard after the yard crew had been there today. I scream for Scot to bring me some towels, go change, and then after a little cool off period came back and took a few snaps of him. The submission has been made, who knows if he'll make it!

Look at how the tail is just a blur? I was speaking very sweetly to him so I don't know why he was doing the ears back thing... apparently he CAN read!

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