Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amazing weekend!

A jam packed weekend... so much goodness, it just flew by. Good work with my best friend, husband and business partner Saturday during the day, then a surprisingly  awesome concert -- Duran Duran, a serious 80's flashback!

Today headed up to Sund Rock with a friend (yeah, again, it's been that good lately). And today... the best. Saw Sea Angels (amazing... hard to describe how beautiful, the videos don't do them justice).

Octopus-o-rama. Saw octopus mating! Seriously. My dive buddy has some awesome octo-porn as a result. Then saw not one but TWO large octos sleeping out in the open in the shallows--at 27 ft and the small boat. And nudibranchs of many types galore. Fish fish fish fish. Which brought in seals. Yes, seals.

I saw this all today... and more. Amazing.

Of course, this amazing stuff comes with an unfortunate edge; the critters are coming up from the depths due to the low oxygen problems in the Hood Canal. See the data here.

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