Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Red Thai Room rises from the ashes! Alas... in California.

My favorite drink not shown here. And this photo
from Red Thai Room totally stolen from
this chick
Oh, the pleasure and the pain. Through Yelp, I received a message from Craig, owner of the once-in-Silverton Red Thai Room, my favorite restaurant of all time. It was instrumental, really, in implanting Thai as my favorite cuisine. Thai is now the go-to option whenever some eats are required, and I've driven near and far to try something rumored to be good. So far no atmosphere has topped theirs, nor the drinks... there was something alarmingly amazing about a unique little curvy glass topped with a small perfect orchid which just cannot be topped.

He let me know that Red Thai Room will once again live... but it's a little bit of a drive away in Yorba Linda, CA.

I am so headed to Disneyland. But that's just an excuse to enjoy Craig's new venture which looks to be opening January 2012.  Website is partway done. Best wishes for long lasting success, my dear, you brave heart who dared to implement a "no children under six" policy. I was a fan of that because the last thing I want at a nice sexy evening out with someone is Cherrios flying over from the next booth and screams that shatter wine glasses as some self important boob fails to discipline their screaming, spewing spawn from hell. (Yes, I know there are perfectly well behaved children of all ages. Alas, good parenting is not a requirement for breeding. Come on, leave 'em at home once in a while. It's healthy for you.) 

And to think, without the Internet... I'd not known. Oh, thank you intarwebs.

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