Monday, July 5, 2010

Whalen Island 7/5/10

Whalen Island 7/5/10
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The valley, mountains, forest and waters of Oregon are what drew me here. The drive out to Pacific City has always been a favorite for it delivers all of those.

Time alone has been a desire of mine, lately, moreso than usual. A gorgeous day with beautiful shades of green rising up to a crystal clear blue sky, a good mix of Massive Attack on the iPod, and the wonderful curves of OR-22 made for a wonderful morning. That road's curves begged to be hugged, and the straights needed the dust blown off of them. My little bug and I were just the team to do it.

Spent the day with some of The Usual Suspects and more diving in 0-3 ft viz in the ponds. More time to just do little self imposed tasks in the murk. Dove with my camera for the first time (Lumix in a Panasonic case). Despite the viz, I got off a few shots but not of anything exciting.

After the first dive, I curled up on my blanket behind my car and napped. What a simple, sublime pleasure. The ground hummed her song beneath me, and the spot felt like it had been moulded to my body. With a towel on my second tank as a pillow, I was as comfortable as if I were at home in bed. A cool breeze made a blanket necessary. Can you believe it? Laying in the sun, wearing a black lycra skin, and being cold!? In July!?

As someone who is usually busy with planning, executing, or planning to execute, the day gave me space for a welcome respite from anything other than simply... being. There was a simple joy in just sitting around with others--sometimes in silence--in the sun and the breeze.

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