Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nightlife in Salem, OR.

On Thursday night I sat with a handful -- and I mean just a handful -- of people at The Grand Theater watching Sonos, an inventive acapella group. For $10, I would think this wonderful group would have drawn a much larger crowd... and a more diverse crowd. The pieces were a time or two negatively impacted by a bad mix (lead vocal being drowned by a backup), but the energy, skill and inventiveness shone through. I love watching people of talent and skill really putting energy into a performance; I'm moved by their commitment and energy. Makes me remember that so many wonderful things are possible on this rock, despite all of our troubles.

Afterward, around 9pm, we stood on the sidewalk out front talking. The night was warm and breezy, very comfortable. The streets were dead. Not a person seen in any direction you look. I'd see more people on the street in my neighborhood than you find downtown.

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