Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tiki porch project.

Tiki porch from hot tub
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One Saturday recently we went wild and turned what was a very uninspired corner of the porch into a nicer area to hang. The end of the porch had been nasty yellowed corrugated fiberglass, brittle with age. We tore it off, painted new framing white, installed the corrugated metal (and Scot nearly cut off ONLY two toes because he was handling the sheets while wearing open toed sandals), tacked the reed fencing to the walls, fashioned a bar, painted a found spool, reappropriated a yard fountain we put in a few years ago, and found bar stools cheap on Craigslist. Scot did an awesome job making wall mounted tiki torches from metal plumbing supplies and wine bottles, and at night this place an awesome spot to hang.

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