Monday, March 8, 2010

Women, let's talk about sex.

Sex is an issue which divides generations, gender, education, class and just about everything else, despite being a simple fact of life for 100% of the human race. Especially in a culture where sex is everywhere but at the same time forbidden and sordid, open honest and truthful information about the subject is a positive contribution to the life of the individual, the community and yes, even the world.

Salem, Oregon is now home to a female owned, women oriented shop selling sensual delights. Right next to Subway at 1326 State Street just outside the main portion of downtown you'll find Enigma. I'm a big fan, and hope they see a groundswell of support, both from those who already have no qualms about exploring and maintaining the sexual energy in their lives (which can imbue life into everything from gardening to paying bills to, well, sex), but also those who have always wondered, had questions, or fantasies.

Life's too short; move those fantasies over into the "to do" list.

Forget everything you've ever seen or heard about "an adult store" before. The shop is small, bright, stylish, and comfortable. There is no garish porn; there are no video booths or sneering men looking around. In fact, the place looks like a boutique store selling a plethora of iMac-like items as the trend in toys has gone toward beautiful packaging, bright colors and sensual product design.

Seriously. GO. If you've never been into a store selling these items before, GO NOW. Grab a friend. Walk right in like you own the place, or giggle and titter like you're 13 years old. BUT GO. Even if the only result is, "Wow, I never knew..." You can then say you've been there, seen that.

But I dare you to walk out without buying something, even if it's just a little ampule of scented/flavored massage oil. And please do -- supporting your local businesses is so important. :-)

Be sure to check out the tall glass display case showing what you thought your grandmother didn't know: late 19th and early 20th century vibrating machines sold by doctors and even in the Sears catalog as a cure for the womenly ailment known as "hysteria." (See The Shaky Past of Adult toys, written by yours truly for Salem Monthly back in 2006.)

The real reason for my writing is to implore women (and those that love them) in Salem to support the store, and there's no better way to help raise this energy in Salem than to support an upcoming event. They are hosting Tristan Taormino for a two hour Human Sexuality class that should be on everyone's transcript. Even if you know it all and think you could teach this class yourself, I implore you to go. Go to show your support for this type of energy and endeavor in our community. Go to show other women that this is important, and go to show Salem that intelligent, educated information about sexuality is more powerful than all the seedy porn shops the interstates can hold.

Yes, I'm going. And if anyone wants to go, but needs a hand to hold while walking in the door, just call me and we'll make it happen. Otherwise, drop by or call to let them know you're coming. Buy a ticket for yourself. Buy a ticket and give it to your adult daughter as a gift. Buy a ticket for a friend. Buy a ticket for your Mom.

The event is NOT for women only; men and women are openly invited. But I see this as a real opportunity for women, many of which may not have avenues such as this to openly communicate about sexuality.

See below for the posted event details.

With: Tristan Taormino
Discover the ABCs of sexual pleasure for women, from the basic to the advanced in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Hear Tristan's unabashed straight talk about sex in the Human Sexuality class that most people never get to take! She'll cover a variety of topics, including: sexual anatomy, masturbation, orgasms, improving your erotic communication skills, finding the elusive g-spot, myths and truths about female ejaculation, sex toy tips and techniques, and the wonders of anal sex. There will be an extensive question-and-answer period where students are encouraged to ask her anything.

When: Thursday, March 18, 2010. 7:30 - 9:30PM (All genders welcome.)
Where: Enigma 1326 State St Salem OR
Cost: $25/per person
Student Rate: $20
Phone: (503) 569-7087

If you know of a women's group in the Salem Metro Area, please point them to this post or to Enigma's web site (which has some usability issues, which is why I am posting all the information here).

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  1. I just read about the class in Salem Monthly and I am so excited! This is so important to women's overall wellness, and I'm excited to have this store in Salem. I hope they do really well!