Sunday, March 21, 2010

I heart Oregon. Yep, spring is here.

Spring energy is in the air. Saturday was a blur of chores: cleaned/straightened bunnies' area, straightened the studio, vacuumed dog out of the VW, did the same with the truck, cut down the bamboo, pulled out a dead tree, cleaned up the back yard (two dogs, ya know), mowed, dismantled the old potting bench, threw it all into the back of the truck and took it to the dumpter, then got three new trees from Home Depot, and applied Weed and Feed. We finished off the evening by running Marissa's legs off in the back yard and then enjoying the yard from the vantage point of the hot tub.

Our reward today was setting up some Orchard Mason Bees at the homes of a few friends, then meeting up with Ivan and Rhonda for a drive down the Gorge, across Bridge of the Gods and a stop at Walking Man Brewery in Stevenson, WA. Great beer, yummy pizza, and a unique bathroom: the faucets are a nifty mix of pipes, and the temperature and pressure gages work. And that's just the beginning of the unique creative touches in the bathrooms there. The dark clouds mixed with breaks of sunbeams made the dark greens of the trees and the sparkles off the water of the Columbia all the more brilliant.

Damn, I love Oregon!

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