Friday, January 1, 2010

The plan for 2010.

A portion of today was to be for reflection. I started with cleaning, and buried on my tack board was an index card of goals and plans that were written as part of a workshop I participated in earlier this year. They all still ring true.

Amy's Big To Do List
- Shrug off fear and anxiety and channel that energy into love and sharing.
- Be less judgmental so that I might really know others, and be known by others.
- To not fear scarcity, but to sit comfortably with the notion that all I need is here, now.
- To grow and learn and in turn share.
- To embrace adventure and explore.
- To love and nurture my partner for his own realization.
- Be a great caregiver to my dogs, loving them and feeding their souls.
- Feed the inner fire that carries one through all things that happen.
- To reach out and explore other views so I might see better myself.
- Improve my health and foster deeper connection of mind and body.

Okay, well THAT task is done for the day!

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