Monday, November 2, 2009

Rocking the $14.99 Ikea curtains.

On the one hand, I love well crafted, quality textiles. On the other, I have two dogs that love to push the curtains aside, draw dog-snot-nose-art on the windows, and in general wreck havok with anything nice in the household. They especially like to use the couch in front of the picture window in unorthodox ways. Winston loves to do this...

...and heaven help us if there are curtains in the way when he wants to do this, because he pushes, paws and even nibbles them out of his way. This didn't go over so well with the nice, silky cream colored brocade curtains hung in the front windows. While only two years old, they were getting beat to hell. Snags and pulls were things even a good washing couldn't cure.

Our friend Val was singing the praises of cheap curtains at Ikea, so last weekend we went for a look see. Sure enough, a nice selection of styles and materials, ranging from $14.99-60.00 for two panels for the most part. We liked a very rough, natural organic looking cotton, with just a little vertical rib detail every 4 inches or so. A little elbow grease was required, for after washing and drying (gentle tumble, low heat, despite the warning to not tumble dry them) they required heavy ironing, then use of the hem tape to set the length. But the results... can't beat it for $14.99.

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  1. We bought these in the charcoal grey also due to our 4-legged housemates, in this case, cats (they destroyed our honeycomb blinds on the sliding door, always moving them out of the way to watch the birds). The curtains are super heavy weight, but I agree. They did require a lot of ironing. They look good, at your house and ours! I love Ikea.