Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jewelry remodel

Sometimes what you have just doesn't work. This lovely piece of sterling silver chainmail had hung, unworn, for almost two years. Scot had purchased it for me from a crafter at the Eugene Saturday Market a summer or two ago. While it looked lovely, something about it didn't feel right when worn.

After that much neglect, first it needed a good cleaning. I tossed it in the tumbler with some other pieces in need of a shine.

I separated the double link chain from the main piece. In its place I used very small diameter supple black plastic tubing (!!), strung through the top loop of the piece, and double backed. The connection is accented with some sterling beads I had in my stash, along with two midway up to hold the double tubes together, and add a little more interest. The result is much more comfortable to wear, and much more striking of a piece, I think.

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