Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playing with Copic markers.

Having seen many amazing projects and tutorials using Copic markers (traditionally the tools of manga and anime artists), I was jonesing to try the tool to color rubber stamped projects. As the markers are serious artists tools, they are $$$$, so just jumping in was not in my budget. Stampin' Cat, my favorite papercraft store in Salem, OR, had just the ticket: a class for beginners.

I wasn't wild about the stamps used in the class, just not my style. Way too cutesy with too much wootsie. But, whatever. The markers feel good in the hand, and coloring with the nib tip is... it's like butter. That's a strange way to put it, but it's soft, sensual and you push color around easily. The results are amazing; you can do some really awesome shading techniques (I dabbled, but didn't get far, it was just a quick beginners intro).

The markers, with refill inks and replaceable nibs, are truly tools that you'll buy once and use until you step on it and crack it or the dog decides to gnaw on it. Blending abilities make it not necessary to own every color (and that's a good thing, because with 334 colors and each Sketch pen being $6.75 that's... a hell of a lot of coin).

Dear Santa,

I would really really love a Copic Sketch - Set 12 Papercrafting Basic Bright Color Marker set! Only $58.41! Or if I've been really good this year, how about Copic Sketch - Set 36B Papercrafting Color Marker (36 B)? Yeah, $175.23. I didn't think so.

But I thought I'd try.


Tonight's menu has been Trader Joe's Manitaropita and a glass of Mystic Wine Cabernet Sauvignon 2001. Time for the second course... more wine.

(I admit the purchase of that bottle was driven by my fascination with the choice of cork as the media for the labels. Awesome. But after being stored for another... two years... the wine is actually pretty good. Better than when it was purchased.)

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