Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Loving British TV... but I can't find full episodes of Supersize vs Superskinny!

I was Googling "fat scuba drivers." With the first class (just a classroom intro) looming yesterday evening, my feet were gettin' a bit cold. Luckily, I found lots of good stuff that, summarized, simply reads, "Yes, you can!" I stumbled upon a British TV series called Supersized and Superskinny, which brings together two people of dietary extremes in a bid to help educate both of them about the problems with their extreme diets; either eating too much or eating too little. The Channel 4 web site offers full episodes... but not if you are in the US, apparently. The clips on YouTube are fascinating for a number of reasons.

They've disabled embedding for these clips, but you can see them on YouTube. Or, here's a prime sampling:

Not everyone likes sushi.

Eating something warm is like being hugged from the inside.

This is fascinating to me.

I NEED FULL EPISODES! Especially while bored out of my skull at home on a sick day.

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  1. I recommend Never Mind the Buzzcocks. It's pretty much our favorite British show, and there are full episodes on youtube if you can deal with the graininess.