Tuesday, May 5, 2009


How I Met Your Mother often makes me laugh out loud. I love that show -- and not just because of a love for Doogie, er, I mean, Neil Patrick Harris.

Anyway, Marshall has a problem I can identify with; a love of charts and graphs. As a result, I totally identify with him when he walks into the copy store... that's about 35 seconds into this clip.

As someone who has gushed, "OMG I saw this graph displaying [insert usually boring information here, made fascinating by the method of graphical display making it akin to porn" and had people look at me and say, "You are such a geek."


  1. There's nothing better then raw data, spread sheets with numbers can be hours of fun.

  2. Ah! Another fan of How I Met Your Mother! I LOVE that show! And Marshall might be my favorite character - depends on the episode.