Sunday, May 10, 2009

Instantly stop leash tugging: switch to the Easy Walk!

Marissa is so high energy and full of a lust for life that walking with her is like tying a string to a schizophrenic pterodactyl and then hanging on for the ride. She tugs this way, then that way, then... argh! We heard from other dog owners that their use of the Easy Walk harness turned tuggers into well behaved walk companions instantly. We've tried everything with her; her zest for catching that sniff that lies just beyond her current reach simply dwarfs her annoyance at being choked by her collar. (The image to the right is not Marissa; it's a stock product photo for the product.)

I previously noted that while in the Seattle area, we stumbled across Mud Bay in Bellevue. They had the harnesses, and although we didn't have Marissa with us for a fitting, we were confident on her size and shape, and picked up one of these in a medium size, blue color.

She doesn't mind wearing it at all, and Scot hooked her up for a two mile jog at Willamette Mission this morning. He reported the same phenomenon: this puller was instantly tamed, and she responds now to the slightest of tweaks on the leash. Yes, instantly.

Wow. I wish we'd known about these years ago as Bijou likewise was a puller. If you're having trouble with a puller... give one of these a try. I bet you won't be sorry!


  1. we'll have to give this a try. both of our dog walk pals are tuggers and pullers. Izzy has had a harness from the beginning, so it wouldn't be that big of a change. thanks for the tip!

  2. Schizophrenic pterodactyl. I love the imagery! LOL. I'm glad you found something that worked.