Friday, March 13, 2009

I <3 Gray's Anatomy.

Gray's Anatomy is one of the few shows I can't miss. While it wears thin now and then, the current storyline of Derek's stumble fascinates me for some reason. And while Scot continues his hate of Mer, I found the last scene of this episode to be beautiful, in a very dark way.

It's easy to love someone when everything is good. But you show what you--and your love--are made of when the going gets tough. Writer Jenna Bans' says it best on the writer's blog:

So my Mom – she really loves Grey’s Anatomy. In fact, she calls me after every episode, thrilled and excited to tell me what scenes she loved, what lines made her laugh, whose performance made her cry…Tonight I asked her what she thought and there was a long silence. And then: HE HIT THE RING WITH THE BAT!? I know many of you are equally as shocked, maybe a little horrified, and I’m with you. It was brutal to watch. But here’s what I really want you to take from it – Meredith’s reaction to it all was infused with a maturity and strength that was five seasons in the making. She didn’t crumple to the ground sobbing, she told him to do his worst, because she’s not going anywhere. She knows he’s drunk and angry, she knows he’s lashing out at her because that’s what you do when you’re drunk and angry and filled with self-loathing, you lash out at the last people in the world you should be lashing out at, the people you love and most importantly, she knows Derek doesn’t mean it. She knows he’s at his lowest, professionally, personally…so she’s not gonna bail on him. She’s gonna let him have his little “the world is a better place without me operating in it” tantrum and when the dust settles, Mer’s still gonna be standing there, supporting him. Because that’s what you do in a relationship. That’s what you do in a marriage. For better or for worse, right? So you can choose to see the end of this episode as a MerDer nuclear holocaust, but I really hope you don’t. I hope you can see it as I do – as progress. Twisted progress, yes, but hopeful all the same. For better or for worse, people.

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  1. This last episode was amazing! I liked the writers entry you included Amy. Various scenes had me making audible gasps and groans. The ring was shocking, but I did like seeing it hadn't been lost over the cliff, just laying alone, waiting to be found, still glistening..........a metaphor for the complex relationship that lies within these complex individuals. Loved it. Can't wait to see the next one!!