Thursday, March 12, 2009

Disconnection breeds a desire to reconnect.

The "perfect storm" of consumer electronics saturation, increased hours spent online for socializing resulting in less feeling of real connection, and the economic uncertainties are creating a boon for many issues that strike a better balance in life. The geeky and educated are finding farming, at least on an urban scale, to be chic. After 2-3 generations of fleeing the farm, we find ourselves wanting backyard chickens, community garden plots, and homes that have less indoor space and more outdoor space. It's gone from the freaky-granola class to trendy urbanite but keeping all that have been caught in the net.

Things do really come around, like poodle skirts. Interesting article about tech meets urban farmer.

Overall, it's a good thing. People need to know more about, and participate in at some level, the basic things required for life. I know too many people who have no idea where food comes from (or even what is food versus a chemistry lab experiment), no idea how it gets to them, and even less idea about basic business principles and practices. While not everyone has to do it, an increased chance of knowing someone who does makes a huge difference.

Without such knowledge, they are left with few tools with which to make decisions about their buying habits. And consumer buying habits will be, I believe, the strongest vote that guides our culture into change.

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  1. So true. We, as a society, need to begin again!
    We can start at the roots and find our way out to the branches.
    If we don't go out on a limb, as they say, we'll never reach the fruit!

    Thanks for a great post.