Monday, February 9, 2009

Props to my dear friend Patricia Hecker

If you are in Bloomington, IN, be sure to stop by Gallery 406, by Spectrum Studio. They are showing an exhibit of work by my dear friend Patricia Hecker. Wish I could be there! I would love it if friends still there would drop by for me!

I've loved her work since meeting her husband, Jon, when I was at BlueMarble. He'd come in to yell at me and my staff because his dial-in service sucked, and I did my best to explain the realities of rural phone service technology and how it was a real show stopper for data performance. ;-) (Okay, he didn't yell, I can't imagine Jon ever yelling, but he was frustrated, which was understandable if not unavoidable.)

The photographer friend who had covered our walls with work took the works for a show, leaving us with blank walls--and no budget to fix the problem. I invited our customers, who were known to be of the more creative persuasion, to sign up for a rotating show on our own walls. This led to new artists getting their first spots on a wall, and many established artists sharing their work as well. Pat and Jon were one of the established artists which lit our office up.

At the time, Jon had told me of the funky old building they were working out of, and invited me to stop by, which I never did manage. Little did I know we'd come to buy that building (not aware of the connection until after the close when I actually saw it... that's another story), and be (re)introduced to Jon by our neighbor, Sharon, as she tried to play social matchmaker.

It was a good move on Sharon's part, for Scot and I now count Jon and Pat as some of the most loved people in our lives.
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  1. Amy, Thank you so much!
    I hope all your friends drop by Kendall Reeves new studio/gallery space.
    Gallery 406 is splendid and shows off my work in great style!

    Bloomington misses you.......but we miss you more!

    Hugs from the hatch!
    Jon & Pat