Saturday, February 7, 2009

Excellent job timing/invoicing product for creatives: On the Job

A few months ago, I started freelancing again. (Of course, Petwerks has remained a freelance client, but for some time now has been my only client for print and web design). The move was not for $$$ (although that's nice), but rather the creative outlet. It's been a joy, but also a (re)learning experience. I spent some time looking at various methods and tools for tracking time for jobs and invoicing/billing.

My choice was On the Job by Stunt Software. Under $40, it's a simple to use tool that has a few slick features:
  • Menu bar controlled timer that is smart in that it recognizes when you've left the computer, and upon your return asks if you'd like to deduct the down time from the clock.
  • Amazingly simple yet powerful total customization of your invoices.
It's simple: it's got what I want, and nothing I don't. A lot of others were too cluttered, with too many gee-gaws I didn't want or need. Some web based services looked interesting, however the cost quickly adds up much greater than this.

There is basic invoice handling (outstanding reports, marked as paid, etc.).

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