Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One more Sprig project. The last. I promise.

A ribbon and tack board has been on my mental to do list for some time. Sunday I was overcome with the desire to do it NOW. Scot had just perused the paper and noted that Michaels had all frames on sale, so off we went. I had fabric and batting, so all I needed was a frame, some foam board, and ribbon.

Here's some really good instructions if you just can't imagine it.

At Michaels we found a cheesy framed piece of artwork that was slashed and marked down to $14.99. He liked the faux oil painting of a palm tree, so I tore off the backing, took out the "art" and used the frame.

I swear this is the last project I'll do using the Sprig fabric. Enough is enough. (Or is it?) Right now the space looks too large for the frame, but I have plans to put some functional/inspirational works around it to fill in the space.

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