Monday, May 20, 2013

Vintage campers roll into Milo Mciver State Park

Some time last year, Scot and I spied a Mobile Scout going north on I-5 here in Oregon. Seeing him signal to exit the freeway, we stalked him in hopes he was swinging in for gas or some other quick stop, so we could talk to him about his trailer! After trailing him down streets, through neighborhoods, and back toward the highway, we wondered if he'd made us, and was concerned about our tailing him! Come to find out, he'd just missed the turn-off for Wal-Mart, got a little lost, but made it there eventually. That's when we pulled in and said hello.

He pointed us to a local vintage camper group, Rollin' Oldies Vintage Trailers. We weren't able to make a rally last year, but were quick to put the May rally on our calendars, way back last fall. This past weekend we camped out with a bunch of other vintage enthusiasts at Milo Mciver State Park. What a gem; the park is large, the single camping circle is full of wonderful sites under dense forest canopy. Despite it raining on us, we had a great weekend, met some lovely people, and saw some stunning campers! We were the only Mobile Scout present, but many were familiar with them.

You can see some of the campers present at the Flickr site of Steve Walser who was around and snapping some fantastic shots. Alas, our rig didn't make it as a model for this master.

This is Oregon. It has been unseasonably warm and sunny for almost two weeks. Which means we were not surprised when it rained all damn weekend. Oh, and did I mention it's sunny again today? Yeah. It is. Seriously.

We had fun anyway! We learned from other vintage campers some nifty little things we need (no, seriously, NEED) to really deck out our camp site experience, making it more like a little slice of home. We've got some nesting to do! But that'll come AFTER we pay off the new toys we picked up recently, including an awesome camp OVEN from Camp Chef.

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