Saturday, July 7, 2012

Todays a really big day!

Greta after a good grooming. Gleaming!
Greta has been warming up; she's turned into such a sweet lover of a dog! And she's continued to tolerate Jackson, even warming to him a bit. But he pushed it too far this morning and...

She showed him that she COULD kick his ass, if she wanted to. She turned on him with a growl and a bark that sounded like a pack of wolves. He instantly flipped on his back with a look of terror on his face. She opened her mouth and put it around his neck, but did not close her mouth at all, she just sort of rattled his neck around in her mouth, then pinning him to the ground that way.

Aside from his shaking, he was still.

She stopped, sat down and look at him, and he slowly got up and crawled over to her and apologized with a lick.

With THAT out of the way, it's like they now understand each other, and they have just gone WILD this morning playing. I'll look in the back yard and see Greta chasing Jackson, then a few minutes later it's Jackson chasing Greta. Rolling, romping, flopping, barking... they are having a BLAST!

And Winston's stretched out on the floor like, "Thank god, I need a freakin' break!"

The house is in good order; put back together after having the new flooring installed, and a good cleaning to boot thanks to COMPANY COMING! In a bit it'll be on to the airport to pick up Angela! Woo hoo!!

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