Monday, May 14, 2012

Simple Breakfast Sammiches

Spring makes me want breakfast. Not go-out-and-eat-heavy-breakfast, but something quick and home built to get you up and out quickly for a day of... whatever your Saturday may hold. Farmer's Market? Gardening out back? Loafing on the couch catching up with what Tivo has snagged for you all week?

For this couple, a small can of 5 Grands Buttermilk Biscuits, Joie Silicone Egg rings, cheese, eggs and whatever tasty meat you might have as leftovers makes some rocking breakfast sammies. Enough for both Saturday AND Sunday.

Saturday was biscuit, mild Italian sausage crumbles, scrambled egg w/ a splash of heavy cream, salt and pepper topped with a slice of melted cheese.

Put down the ring in the pan, layer meat on the bottom and then pour in the egg mixture. Cook on low with a cover so it'll steam the top and help it cook. 

The rings make a perfectly sized puck of meaty eggy goodness to slap between the buttery tasting halves of the Grands biscuit.

Sunday was a real winner, though... we seared leftover filet from Morton's Steak House chopped into tiny pieces and then topped it with TJ's Lacy Swiss and Colby, and put a dollop of local Burley's BBQ sauce on it. A fantastically quick and tasty start to the day. 

The combinations are endless.

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