Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slap "Psychology Test" onto something and I can't resist.

I want to research the background on this one. So far no luck on locating the research of either Pierley or Redford. But anyway... peep this bizarre "psychological test." It's all the rage right now. Would love to find out if this is just a bogus joke or if there's something behind it. Probably not... this smells of April Fools to me.!5789483/take-an-online-psychology-test-seemingly-designed-to-drive-you-insane

This one... takes the cake. The questions... make no sense. But the results... You tell me how accurate this is. Freaky!

You reach out to the world and pull in experiences of all forms and kinds. Spontaneous, immediate and active, you have a natural tendency to win, whether this is in the business world or on the freeway. In the right context this can be a positive encouragement to those around you. In the wrong context it can lead to a pathetic display of ego and misplaced pride. You are always on the prowl for clues as to how to win. Usually this behavior is unconscious or playful but the sense of play can rapidly disappear if you are found to be losing in the aforementioned contest. Only those who don’t compete are met with derision. You love to be the center of attention. The moment at hand is always of prime concern. Worries about the future or the past, or abstract discussions of philosophical matters are something for others to concern themselves with. Emotions are fleeting and often used as tactics.

Not 100% but... some strong points.  Thanks to Lamont for sharing this one.

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