Monday, March 14, 2011

Back to life, back to reality.

The past four days have been a vacation-in-place for us. We escaped the normal routine for four days, and instead indulged in relaxing, socializing, exploring. They've passed by so quickly, leaving a treasure trove of memories in their wake.

We started today with the dogs' favorite words: "Do you want to go to the beach!?" Much running around, freaking out and leash nudging ensued... we were a little premature as there were still showers and breakfast to be had, but it was fun to get them wound up in advance.

Beach walking, kite flying, sightseeing, gallery shopping and sampling some of the areas favorite eats kept us busy through a day filled with fits and spurts of light rain, and even a few sunbeams. The surf was roaring today; the ocean was churning with some of the largest waves I've seen off the coast. Beautiful curls, with a wind that whipped the frothy tops off as they broke. Amazingly powerful and beautiful.

Tomorrow it's back to real life. Making up for money spent, and back to more mindful choices about eating and activity. I didn't "fall off the wagon," I simply made different choices for a while with the knowledge that adjustments would have to be made afterwards in order to keep the equation balanced. Every day contained more activity than I could have gotten away with... even if it was just Winston's walk. He's doing GREAT with that! He runs almost the whole thing now as we walk briskly. As I repeat week one of the C25K program, I think he honestly might be able to do it with me.

How embarrassing if my old, fat dog is able to outrun me!

As often happens, the tail of winter found me down and introspective, lacking a vibrant outlook. Spring plus the inspiration of friends has me raring to go, however, and brimming with energy and ideas. Good thing, for there's so much to be done. Recent family and world events certainly makes me reflect as well; appreciating what I am blessed to have, and recognizing its fragile impermanence.

I'm including this poem without permission, but am keeping the links to the original source, NPR's The Writer's Almanac.

What Have I Got to Complain About

We've got enough money now not to worry every minute
about where the next dollar is coming from.
We even go to the movies once in a while.
We've got a nice collection of friends.
Our house is sturdy and well built.
It keeps us warm and stands well against the storms.
The larder is full of rice.
There are plenty of potatoes down cellar.
The freezer is full of vegetables I grew myself.

In the face of all that, slights to my vanity
seem frivolous and nonsensical.

What have I got to complain about?
"What Have I Got to Complain About" by David Budbill, from While We've Still Got Feet. © Copper Canyon Press, 2005. (buy now)

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