Sunday, January 30, 2011

Water, water, everywhere.

Knowing the end of 2010 would be crazy busy, I let go my hopes of having one good diving weekend up in Seattle per month. Time was flying. After the Channel Islands trip was just one trip up north, then one day of diving in the Keys in December. I was doing well suppressing my usual enthusiasm, sublimating it with work on three fronts.

All was going well until playing around in the pool, followed by a hellish day assisting with a rescue class at Whalen Island. When a day of diving in the mud holes in the most horrendous Oregon coast winter weather thrills you -- that's a sign your ass needs to get into some real water.

With the big push to the launch of Blue Element Scuba and Adventure Center completed, I rather randomly selected January 28 as a day to hit the water, leaving it to the universe to let the rest fall into place. Most of my usual suspects were busy that Friday, but as usual the universe provides and I found myself with a fresh new dive buddy and two days of diving up north in the plans.

Excellent dives at Cove 2; called it after 55 minutes in 45 degree water because the feet were freezing. Time to investigate some thicker wool socks. I finally graduated from the thin gloves I've used to some true cold water gloves; they didn't fit well but did keep the hands warm. The lack of dexterity bugs me, but... whatchagonnado? Aside from one instance where I couldn't figure out why my inflator was stuck--it was because I was still pressing it--they are an improvement. Took some photos.  Saw an octo right after we dropped, and many, many nudis.

Viz went to crap during the 2nd dive, but it was fun nonetheless.

Hung with Chris and Christy Friday night -- always a pleasure and a treat, and then headed to Redondo Saturday. We got up late, hung out with Christy for too long, and as a result got to the dive site a little later than planned. We did just one dive, going deep to the boat first and then heading north to run into the other sites, eventually making our way to the bug. Lots of sculpin, some nudis, and mostly big fun overall.

The fix has been applied. My soul is sated, for just a bit.

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