Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's a big-ass bean bag. For my big...

Last weekend when The Girlz and I went to TJ's in Corvallis, we hit Magenta for lunch and then stumbled upon the awesome store Mod Pod on the way back to the car. . I fell in love with the Fatboy bean bag chairs. They were awesomely comfortable and so durable. They would work great outdoors, indoors, etc. I talked endlessly about them to Scot, saying he'd love them if he gave them a try.

And... well... they're versatile. If you know what I mean.

Today we hit Eugene for the first Saturday Market of the season. The return of markets marks a very special moment, one of the undeniable signs of approaching spring and summer. While we awoke to rain, we slowly got ready until finally we decided to brave the drizzle and head south. By the time we got to Eugene the skies had dried, and the sun even came out. We had a wonderful time visiting with vendors both new and familiar, picking up a few birthday gifts, and a few fun things for ourselves. (I bought a hat.  A HAT. Can you believe it? I don't wear hats. But I like this one so well I don't care if it looks goofy or not.)

On the way home we swung through Corvallis and I introduced him to the Fatboy. And he loved it. He said he wanted a blue one -- and that was the one they had in stock, wouldn't you know (in addition to the two demos which were, of course, orange and black. But this blue one was up in storage and free from such use and abuse)! So we shoved it into the back of the Bug -- and it filled it up, let me tell you -- and headed home.


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