Thursday, February 4, 2010

The little ugly lump of glass lives.

It's a turtle alright. And an ugly little bugger to boot! A simple project with lots learned, though.

1 - The spray method of coating with kiln wash ROCKS. I didn't think it was enough, and really worried after "brushing it off," but it was certainly enough.

2 - I have too heavy of a hand when mixing a color with a clear. I wanted speckled, and got... light green... due to the prevalence of the mix. And I only used... less than 10% of the green. I have much to learn about that.

3 - This mold needs about 145g of glass to fill it up, not 125g. 

I'm going to take a few tiles I've made and slump them into bowls for the Boutique at Petwerks, and will then get to making more pendants. And then... I'm going to slump a candle holder. That's going to really push the little size of my kiln because the initial fuse has to be just about as wide as the kiln is.

I've been lusting over this kiln for years. I hope to generate enough need and income to buy it this year.

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