Saturday, January 2, 2010

Project #1 of the New Year; may there be many more.

A key goal of 2010 is to "use it or lose it." After almost 18 years of marriage, as you might well guess, I'm not talking about my maidenhood. No, I speak about a personal treasure trove of craft supplies (sewing, paper craft, glass, and general craftiness). This is a tough task for a crafty stasher, someone who goes into a store to "just pick up this one thing needed to finish a project," and comes out with that, but also half of what they need for two other projects.

You can see the never ending cycle this produces.

Calling upon creativity and resourcefulness, I endeavor to reduce the "stash" and increase the "production" of my space and time. We're off to a good start! One always needs pillows; little throw pillows for beds, furniture, etc. (Well, that's how *I* feel about it, anyway.) We had none in the living room, and I had plans to, of course, go out and buy fabric to make some. (During which time I'd probably pick up a new pattern for a bag, or a few other things for future projects. This would, of course, require other trips to get the finishing materials, during which time I'd pick up...)

While putting away some fabric scraps and meditating on my goal of no more in, and more completed projects out, I came upon gorgeous pillow covers I'd purchased years ago at a textillery outlet in Indiana. I'd gotten three of them, but they were for very large 24" pillows, which never fit our needs. But they'd look perfect against the dark leather of the living room furniture.

I needed throw pillows.
I had 16" pillow forms.
I had larger than necessary covers which had been in storage for... 7 years?
I had a pair of scissors with which to cut them down.
I had a sewing machine to sew the new seams.
(For a moment, the call of brown or black zippers at the nearest fabric store threatened the plan; but I decided to look for another option.)

I had needle and thread to whip stitch the last opening closed.

TADA! Now there are throw pillows! And extra space in my fabric stash box to store those scraps I told you about... which actually wouldn't fit in there before I took these items out.

May this be the setting of a trend for 2010.


  1. Oh, you and I have this in common. What I call my craft room, my husband calls my crap room and it needs to be unburied for the same reason! I hope to accomplish this goal this year as well. Maybe we can keep each other honest. :)
    Good job on the pillows.

  2. Hahaha, crap room, yeah, tell your husband that's REAL original. =) The goal today is to get the cleanup/organization in here complete, after which I will post before/after pictures to prove to the world it could be done!