Sunday, December 27, 2009

A big thumbs up to Platinum Spa Auto Detail in Keizer.

While we're on the subject of cars...

My Christmas present to myself was a full detail on my car. I had called half a dozen detailers in the Salem area for quotes for an in/out detail on the VW New Beetle. A wide range of prices for effectively the same service, all the way up to $300.


My goal was to correct, once and for all, my own lacking maintenance, and instill better habits with a fresh start. We have two dogs, and with a black interior, it's just a nightmare. One too many trips to the dog park where we'd forgotten a towel and... I admit, I almost couldn't LOOK into the back of the car it was so bad.

Let's be honest... in this market, the labor doing this work is going to be paid about $10/tops. So even if it takes them all day, that's $80 in labor. (And my hairmobile was so bad... it just might take them that long.) I have a hard time translating that into a $300 price, even considering overhead, etc. But when Platinum Spa Auto Detail in Keizer quited me $145... it almost seemed too good to be true.

But it was not. I called 12/23, planning to have it done before the end of the year. But with that price I asked when they could get me in and he said, "Tomorrow!" So on Christmas eve, a friend picked me up in the morning after I dropped it off and we picked it up late that afternoon. Approaching for the pickup, I almost couldn't believe that it was my car; it had a shine on it unlike I'd seen since we drove it off the dealer lot. They even fixed my messed up windshield wiper! And the dog hair -- which was thick as a mat in the back -- was simply GONE. How, I don't know, because when I spend two hours vacuuming the shit out of it, a great deal of dog hair still sticks into the carpet fibers and WILL. NOT. COME. OUT.

There are some new rules in the house as they pertain to dog transportation: ONLY with the seat down and ONLY with the doggie liner spread out over the back hatch area.

Really. I mean it. This time.

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