Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday rev-up.

The winter blahs are setting in; a certain weighty emotional pull is creeping on. While eating my yogurt and cereal (dry cereal only to counter the snot-like consistency of the yogurt; I can't put milk on my cereal either, for then it gets soggy and makes me want to gag), I stumbled upon some things that are motivational. Dorky, perhaps, but yet motivational.

The Anti-Jared
An awesome guy who posted a blog and YouTube videos about a stunning weight loss, done by good old fashioned hard work. His blog is just his blog; no blatant monatizing, no gimicks, etc. Good stuff.

Motivational Monday #6
I totally must be PMS'ing because this cheesy video almost brought me to tears. But seriously... it reminds me that not everything is easy. And I've got some things to deal with that won't be easy, and waiting to deal with them won't make it any easier.

The Happy Rock
This blog by an average Joe about finances is the antithesis of the one above, with it's nearly overpowering wash of ads. But... paying of $70k of debt in three years is a cool story. And I'm fascinated by what other people spend (or don't spend). It seems incredibly personal to me to post a monthly budget report. It's like going to a blog and seeing someone's junk (the biological kind) all splayed out there for everyone to see.

So go forward with motivation on this fine Monday!

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