Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seeking "Cowboy Music"

Earlier this summer, our camping neighbors asked permission before playing opera one night, then cowboy songs the next. We welcomed it, if for no other reason than the thrill of having such considerate neighbors. (Too bad Winston nipped him; but that turned out okay, too.) As evening wore on, we kicked back in the camper. Over the sounds of the bubbling creek and the crackling fire wafted music that, while totally foreign in style to our usual tastes, just seemed so perfect for the time and space.

The next morning I thanked them for offering up such a wonderful addition. In the conversation I caught "cowboy music" and "Sons of the Pioneers" and stored those references away for another day. Now I'm poking around looking for music of a sort I never imagined I'd seek out. Yeehaw.

[PS - Okay, after just sampling what I've found I've stored it on a playlist and am now shoving copious amounts of Depeche Mode, moody cello music by Adam Hurst and a techno version of Adagio for Strings repeatedly into my ears at high volume.]

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