Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Peter Cetera and Oregon Symphony Orchestra

So much great stuff in Salem is keeping me busy I hardly have time to write about it. Time to slow down, perhaps? Nah! For some, the fair is done and gone, put to bed for another year. But this is worth sharing.

Last weekend I was gifted with tickets to Sunday night's performance by Peter Cetera backed by the Oregon Symphony Orchestra. This child of the 80's, band geek, lover of music backed by strings was all atwitter--in that way that does not refer to microblogging. Thanks Salem Creative Network!

The rain loomed large, but we decided to forge ahead. After four years, are we not true Oregonians, no longer scared off by a little mist, a few raindrops... a monsoon? We experienced all of those, interspersed with rays of sun and, yes, rainbows, in the hour leading up to the show.

Not a drop spilled from the sky during the show, however. Huzzah.

Our seats were nice, the crowd was small but enthusiastic as you might imagine those who would brave possible rain would be. Cetera gave a good performance, a 90 minute set of Chicago favorites and a few of his solo successes. He assured us that he didn't mind doing the old favorites; he, too, liked to go to see performers do their tried and true, so he understood. He also assured us that he wrote more than ballads, but it was us who made the ballads the hits, so we only had ourselves to blame. Honestly, I'd loved to have heard a selection or two that was new, or near and dear to his heart. He threw in a Beatles medley, too.

His traveling assets, The Bad Daddies, were awesome (Kim Keyes deserves her own show), and the Oregon Symphony Orchestra... well, of course they were AWESOME. There were some nice solos including a lovely cello piece, and they really let loose near the end with 25 or 6 to 4. I was giddy with excitement when the brass stood up. Here it comes! Knocked us off our seats. WOW.

I was so very glad to be listening to it from the tenth row instead of my hammock out in the back yard a mile away. Between fair entrance and two tickets, we had a $90 gift from Salem Creative Network.

The only downer was that our dear old* Peter, despite living in Idaho, cannot pronounce Oregon. He says "ORE-a-gone." He tweets, he blogs, but he can't pronounce Oregon. OMG.

* Old as in born in 1944, as in almost older than both of my parents, as in makes my 37 seem positively childlike. I swooned over this guy in high school. What's happening to this world? Let me off this crazy thing!

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