Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's a girl got to do to get some service with Wave Broadband?

Three months ago, Scot did his due diligence to insure high speed internet service was available at a certain location. He was assured by Wave Broadband, after they confirmed with a site survey, that it was indeed available at that location. Wave Broadband's instruction was to just call them when we were ready, and install could occur in a few days.

That's what we did. When the installer comes out, he finds that no, there IS no lead up to that location. It's a block or so away. Looks like the person that did the site survey didn't actually *do* one, but just said, "Looks good!" Staff assured us that they would get right on it, and do what they had to do in order to extend the service and get us hooked up.

That was two months ago. We understood they had to get pole permission, run the line, etc. We had heard nothing for a few weeks, so we started calling. They supposedly had it all fixed and set up a month ago, and sent out another installer. He gets there and no, it actually wasn't all set up; it was run to the next-to-the-last pole to us, but not TO US, so he could not complete the install.

Back to square one. A promise to resolve it, and then... nothing.

Since then we've been calling and we've talked to many pleasant, seeming well intentioned staff (Molly, James, Lauren, all perfectly communicative and friendly apparently native English speakers who I believe are located in an office in California) who all promise to own the issue and get us the answers we need... and who fail to follow up, despite their assurances that they or the tech involved will call us.

In the meantime, we've been using Cricket Wireless Broadband; they were a small fraction of what exact service from our normal carrier, AT&T, or other carriers were offering. It works, but it's a pain.

Anyone have any secrets on how to get Wave Broadband to get their act together?

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