Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tooting my own horn: writing for Salem Monthly again.

This horn tootin' is a bit belated. This month marks a return to writing for Salem Monthly. After a failed attempt at lunch with the man, Eric Howald, who appeared to be driving some exciting changes in the paper, we finally met up at the first Ignite! Salem. Maybe it was a universal alignment, or maybe it was just because he's so damn cute (and married--please understand I mean no offense to the matrimonial boundaries, I'm just sayin'...) but I found myself saying yes to his invitation to again contribute.

The next question flummoxed me: what was it I wanted to contribute? My response rivaled South Carolina in the Miss Teen USA 2007 competition in its brilliance. Alas, I do not have her good looks to back me up. I listened to myself as I flubbed a very easy question, one that doesn't even have a specific correct answer.

My lack of ability to answer coherently with a solidly backed passion (or passions) was disturbing and telling at the same time. I was--and am--going through a period of flux, where the old me is falling away in bits and pieces to something new and different... but I don't quite know what the details of that new self really is, nor are the pillars that power its passions clearly defined.

To be fair, a key element of my personality is that I am always searching for growth, for new input, for exciting discovery... that perhaps IS my passion, is change and nourishment through the introduction of fresh waters. Instead of having my own agenda to push, I often am happy to be pointed in a direction and let loose.

So I fell back onto an easy crutch: tell me what you want/need, and I can do it. The assignment was two pieces to do with wine, something I know just enough about to get me into trouble. Of course one must do a great deal of painstaking and detailed investigation and *hiccup* researsch on yers subject *hiccup* matter. [Sound of empty bottle falling off table onto floor, accompanied by the thud of the writer following suit.]

So I give you, Wine for a Sweet Tooth and Wine Pairing for the Challenged.

Whether it's my articles or any other, take a look at the contents online, and throw your two cents into the ring through comments, an option after each article. We have a good--and improving--local, independent paper and its success is dependent upon YOU! Visit it online, pick it up at your favorite distribution spot (or write to them to suggest a new distribution spot).

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