Thursday, July 2, 2009


Seriously. I'm about to throw my sewing machine out the window. It behaves... most of the time. But now and then, something causes a problem and I end up with an amazing snarl of thread UNDER the fabric. I'll go a few stitches, and when I hear/feel the "clunk" I stop and turn it over and... the entire back is a mass of thread. Where did it COME from in such a short time? I don't get it!

It's only on starts. But I notice the regular stitches aren't that even, either, so something is going on.

I found this discussion thread and I find that tinkering with the tension makes no difference. I'm not about to twiddle with a screw near the bobbin.


Looks like I'll take it into the repair shop for a tune up, maybe they can fix it. In the meantime I've got to finish some pillows and curtains!

I love this machine. It's a simple Kenmore 12 Stitch from the early 90's; my Dad bought it for me unexpectedly after the ancient blue beast I used to sit on the floor and use totally bit the dust.

None of my friends sew, so I'm out here in solo sewing land without someone to help. Drat!


  1. I'm surprised messing with the tension didn't help. :>. How long has it been since you lubricated? I'm terrible at that, but my mom swears you must give it a few drops of oil every so many miles. This can't be fun when we're already overheated!

  2. I have too had the same problem with my Kenmore! Just like you I had issues when I was trying to get some quilting done for Christmas. I too tried the tension thing and it did not help out at all either. I ended up taking it in to a sewing machine repair shop for a tune up. Not sure about where you live but in my city there seems to be fewer and fewer of these shops.
    Good luck and hpaay sewing!

  3. I am SO lucky, because there is a great sewing machine shop w/ repair staff in town -- and very near to my home. Whew! =-)

    One day I'll break down and buy a newer machine; I checked Craig's List. I also keep pestering my mother to hand-me-down one of her Pfaff machines; she has a number of machines. How many can you use at once!? =-)

  4. What sort of bobbin holder do you have? Is a drop in or cassette? If its cassette, you could have it going the wrong direction, clockwise instead of counter , or vice-versa. I guess that could also apply to drop in, but I've had that problem most with my mom's avocado- green- tank-cassette Kenmore from 1971. I've also had that problem when a machine isn't threaded correctly, something has slipped off or I just don't know what I'm doing.

  5. Drop in. I'm going to start with a tune up. I have some good examples I'll take in to show them the probme.