Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beatrice has come home!

She's home!

Last year, Scot thought we needed a project. So we bought an old vintage camper off of Craigs List, one of the great old "canned ham" shaped campers of the 50's and 60's. It was a 1962 Mobile Scout. (We're pretty sure it's a 62; possibly a 64 but there was a designation inside that said 1962.)

The outside was hideous; the inside was downright hazardous. But somehow, he saw what could be, and with an amazing amount of work, this beauty was born. He almost lost his faith at one point, at which time we had the walls out, the floor stripped, etc. He wondered if he'd ever get done with the demolition and get on with the rebuild.

We had lots of help from his employees (well, is it called "help" if you are paying them?) who happened to have some camper construction experience. I admit aside from placing some orders online with Vintage Trailer Supply, providing morale support and making cushions and curtains that I had very little contribution to this project.

I will get up more photos of before and after, with a little play by play. But for now, I'm just thrilled she's home!

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