Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Winston's wagon.

Winston's wagon
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We are those people.

The people who noticed their 11 year old pup can't make two mile walks any longer, but who still wants to go as far as he can. We are the people who began thinking of getting a wagon of some sort last year, but didn't quite feel moved to actually do it.

Scot spied in the weekend ads a great sale at Target on a convertible bike trailer/jogging stroller. With a slight modification to create a solid bottom, we have... The Winston Wagon.

My parents watched and chuckled as we put it together in the living room. We tried it out in the neighborhood, and the neighbors noticed.

He must walk until he tuckers out, then he can ride. We can't let this convenience make it less likely he'll get exercise. And he often will ride for ten minutes or so and then jump out, having gained a 2nd wind. But otherwise, he takes it in stride, riding with style.

Yes, we are those people who bought their dog a stroller.


  1. You are those people who care about Winston and don't want him to miss out on the daily routine. So sweet!

  2. A kindred spirit for sure! As you know from my posts, Gracie also wants for nothing. Enjoy the pleasant weather - perfect for walking, or strolling.