Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time away and time to play.

Winston in camp chair
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An excellent weekend, camping at Sunset Bay. While the place was packed, we enjoyed a relatively quiet time in the tent area. I was grousing about the noise of the party next door to us, until Scot pointed out I was being a cranky old bitch, and reminded me of times not-so-long-past when we did way worse when camping.

Point taken. It's easy to get old without really noticing, he warned me.

The dogs hung out, got bored, were tired of sleeping in the cab of the truck. We took our sweet time driving up the coast, checking out various campgrounds along the way, stopping at waysides and really taking any excuse to stop. Which explains why it took us seven hours to get home. Before leaving Coos Bay we made two interesting finds: Bay Burger Inn and Cranberry Sweets Company.

Upon returning, we realized we are "on" too much, and that we have to go to extremes -- like drive to a state park four hours away -- before we really unplug and relax. So upon our return, we left the laptops locked in the safe. That meant we couldn't work -- on our day jobs or the plethora of side gigs we carry. We couldn't get online to check one little thing, only to get sucked into anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours of random online things. No email. No emergencies. No Twitter. No Facebook. No headlines. No political alerts. None of it!

And it was glorious. A day spent writing, relaxing, playing with dogs, primping the plants in the garden, etc.

Wow. Unplugging is something we need to develop the discipline to do -- here at home.

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