Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Design is worthy toil.

Wow. My love for Before and After has been sung from the rooftops before, but here is some more. Read this.

You might look again at what you do. You sit with a full tummy in your warm office at a blank screen with an ad to make, and you’re thinking, “Jeez, I have to come up with something original and clever and it better be soon.” That’s not how to think. As a designer you have a privilege, one that others do not. It is the privilege of making visible that which others can only imagine, feel or think. When you do this, you open a window through which your audience can see, know and understand.

The publisher's letter that he wrote reminds, too, that my pursuit of better design is likewise worthy. I often cut myself down, for I'll never be a hot, trendy, renowned designer. Regardless, I do okay, and strive to do better. That's what's important.

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  1. Amen!!
    Good design is sensed but seldom picked up on!
    Bad design, however, can be seen from a mile away.