Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yea dirt!

Six barrels to fill for blueberries; a new strawberry bed; three 8'x4' beds needing a top off; a strip at the side of the house which will need a little amendment before it can host the tomatoes; and a host of planters and containers to fill—we need dirt!

Figuring out how much soil or compost you need is tough. Soil, compost and the like is sold "by the yard" meaning one cubic yard of the matter... but that's a rough estimate, let me tell you. Even if it were accurate, how much is in that georgeous planter you bought, and when you add up all the little spots that need a top off or a fill what's the total? Get too little and you'll pay another delivery charge to get more, get too much and... what do you do with extra DIRT?

Using a calculator like this one can help put you in the ballpark.

Two yards of premium mix soil for vegetable gardens will be dropped on my driveway for distribution! A quick call to Terra Gardens got me same day delivery; it's $34/yard, $35 delivery fee for a total of $105. Guentner's in South Salem had similar prices; I chose Terra because they are closer to me, so that equals a teeny bit less fuel usage.

A hundred bucks of dirt. And I'm so excited! Now is the time, as it's still a bit early.

I've had a number of conversations with people at work who are looking into gardening for the first time. Some for relaxation, some for an educational experience for their children, and some for the pure desire to understand how to do the most basic of things for themselves; not because they necessarily believe they will HAVE TO support themselves in this way, but because they realize they don't know much about it, and therefore can't really be an informed consumer. All those reasons are really exciting and admirable!

I think the only project not yet completely requisitioned is the shade bed that is going in between the wild flower bed and the corner which has the arbor vitae and the faux stream bed. It'll be mostly hostas, and we're going to hit a local giant hosta garden for those! We have an impulse buy from last year, a dwarf blue mouse ear, that I'm looking forward to babying this year.

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