Friday, March 20, 2009

"Mad Men" is killing me!

The first disk of the series came from Netflix; after reading some kudos I had to give it a try. "Just get some REAL cable instead of that ghetto package you've got, why don't you?" said Leah. "But why bother!? I can watch everything two years later on Netflix!"

After just two episodes, it's a giddy pleasure. The string of cultural norms turned tabboos are a riot; while sometimes they are a bit too self conscious, they're enjoyable nonetheless. A favorite was when the kids come running into the kitchen while playing, the girl with a plastic bag from a dry cleaner pulled over her head, sent away without a second look or worry from her mother. Blatant bigotry, criminal sexism, big rotary phones, aprons, snide catty housewives, and 60's deco all around! "Aren't we so lucky to be here? We have it all!"

Our vision of the past is often established with the assumption that it existed in the same yellowed, washed out Polaroid imagery through which we normally view it. To see it brought to life in crisp, sharp 42" plasma clarity is mesmerizing.

Oh, and booze. Lots and lots of booze.


  1. Have you watched instant movies and shows on Netflix via your computer?
    We found out if you buy an svideo (I think that's the name) cord, you can connect computer to tv and everyone can watch instantly.
    I love Netflix!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Mad Man, but could not get into the second season. After staying up late (yes, 10 p.m. on a Sunday is late for me!), twice to watch it, I finally decided that I just didn't like any of the characters (even sweet Peggy) and the iconic moments no longer held my attention. Enjoy Season 1. I'll watch for a post on Season 2. Maybe I need to try again when it is out on Netflix and I'm not struggling to keep my eyes open.

  3. Oh, drat! I was afraid something like that would happen, Beth! Nothing lasts forever. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.