Monday, March 16, 2009

Need some inspiration? Meet a dog named Faith.

Jilly sent me a link with a tearjerker and some photos about a dog named Faith. Born with deformed front legs (later removed), this little puppy learned to do something that, for all practical purposes, many would say she couldn't do. The still photos don't do the story justice. You must check out the segment that was on Oprah last year.

I hate to get all sappy, but seeing this happy dog is an inspiration, and a reminder that just because things aren't easy doesn't mean we should give up. That rings true on so many levels, whether it's our own personal struggles, or your choice to keep working with or on someone or something.

Just remember the dog that seemed to have been born without something so very necessary, but then learned to walk on two legs and went on to live a joy filled life--and bring so much joy to others!

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