Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sprig is in the air... er, I mean, spring.

When the farmer's market opens, I'll be ready to stuff my new market bag with goodies. I raided the selection of fabrics we bought to outfit the camper when it's put back together in order to make this little market bag. This is one of my favorites: Sprig from Jessica Jone's (of How About Orange) designs of Modern Flora for J. Caroline. (I've mentioned them enough in this blog I should get some type of fee or something. Or I need counseling to just move on to something else I find pretty.)

I'd found a nifty little thing while going around with my Mom while she was here. We were at Greenbaum's when I found a printed interfacing product from Quiltsmart; it's printed with the pattern and you just iron it on, follow some quick directions for sewing and cutting and, voila, you have a nice bag.

Those of you who are asking yourselves, "But wait... isn't this the woman that has reusable grocery bags in the trunk of her car, purses large enough to carry small undeveloped countries, and an Envirosax inside said purse?"

I just say that a woman can never have too many bags. Right, Sallie!? ;-)

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