Monday, July 11, 2016

Oregon Summer

Raspberries. My favorite color and flavor of summer. Some individually frozen, like a stoppage of time, to thaw in the clench of winter for a teasing taste. Others preserved as jelly, which glitters like a jewel when opened and spread. One batch is a pleasingly tart almost-no-sugar recipe. Another is a half sugar recipe that is sweet as candy. 
Also made this pork carnitas recipe this weekend. The house smelled so delicious. The result is flavorful, with a perfect texture. The spices were much more mellow than anticipated. This just means the pork can be used in a myriad of ways. Tacos with fixin's. Add some bbq sauce for bbq pork on a bun. Enchiladas with green chili. My favorite recipe for this now. Craaaazzy Good Carnitas.
But I wasn't done. Peach cake made with amazing fresh peaches. One of my favorite recipes from Americas Test Kitchen. Thankfully, I took this to a party and had plenty of help polishing it off.  
I cook as a form of therapy. 
I've been cooking a lot lately. 

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