Sunday, June 7, 2015

Good food, good people, and good corporate ethics matter.

We stumbled upon fishpeople at the Mother Earth News Expo at the Linn County Fairgrounds yesterday. I'm intrigued, due to an impressive looking product with quality ingredients and amazing packaging. But the kicker? An incredible content-sourcing function on their web site. By entering a batch code, you can see exactly what is in your product, and exactly where it came from--down to the boat that caught it. Based in Portland, OR., The company is so slick, it seems too good to be true! I look forward to researching more.

Their materials say they'll be found in Costco, Safeway, Amazon and more.

When we decided to rely upon locally farmed meat, we greatly increased our own education. We also became even more concerned about the state of the our countries food system, and the average person's complete disconnection from any basic understand of their food, what it is, where it comes from, etc.

Dungeness crab bisque. Coconut red curry seafood bisque. Those were two soups we chose to try. A report will be forthcoming.

Just as concerning to me is the trend that natural, high quality, ethically conscious food comes with a hefty price tag. So much to consider and juggle. How can produce that was grown in another country, and shipped thousands of miles to my grocery be less expensive than something grown locally. Anyway, that's all many other posts.

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