Monday, June 11, 2012

Media fatigue update.

Today marks the end of my 30 days of Facebook-less-ness. To quickly summarize, it was very good; I'll likely continue it. I was, however, surprised to be reminded of how much OTHER stuff is driven by Facebook. Spotify? Can't do it (unless you create a device ID, and then put up with "CANNOT START SOCIAL" warnings all over the place; nor can you share songs w/ others). Comment on the Stateman Journal's articles? Can't do it -- it's run through Facebook comments.

A week or so ago I caved -- I HAD to have Spotify. So I re-upped, and then logged into Facebook just to reactivate it. For the entire 30 days I did not peek, read, look over someone's shoulder, etc. And I haven't "Facebooked" yet; the blog posts, tweets, and other things that have been posted in the last month are all done automatically through something ELSE.

I'm much less distracted. I DO feel a little disconnected, but it's helped me to understand and appreciate what has real value, and what is just fluff that will blow away with the simplest of breezes.

I did fail in my endeavor in that I meant to not use Twitter, too, but I did. I honestly had forgotten the list of things I said I wouldn't do, and that it contained Twitter. But how I use Twitter was never as problematic as Facebook, despite the two being intertwined.

So it is what it is. More will be written later. Maybe. Not sure. Who cares?

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